Treasure Of IELTS Academic by Kuldeep Sharma

Kuldeep Sharma is the man of many talents. He is the Best-Selling Author of 3 Academic Books, Digital Media Writer, Blogger, IELTS & PTE Trainer, Immigration Advisor, and most importantly Self-Made Millionaire. He holds a Graduation degree in Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) then gained a Post Graduation Degree in Master of Technology. He comes from a small town named ‘Gwalior’ in the state of Madhya Pradesh. He has also given some of his time in the corporate world as a Research & Development Engineer, and then he followed his passion. 

Treasure Of IELTS Academic by Kuldeep Sharma

About the Author: 

He has faced many challenges and struggles in his life. He says that there was a time in his when he had lost all the hope, and he was considering himself good for nothing. He also developed an inferiority complex for himself. But, just like a true warrior, he battled against all the tough phases successfully. Now, he says that the taste of Success can never be palatable without the struggles and sacrifices. He likes to guide and motivate people through his real-life experiences. Life has made him very realistic and optimistic owing to which he believes that no matter what, but one should have to remain positive. He reveals that never consider someone in your life as an opponent because everyone contributes in your development in some form or the other. So, always be grateful to all.


He always believes in the power of these words, which he has framed, “Some get everything in their legacy while some work hard to build their legacy.”


Most inspiring one is that he is the only one in his family who has got formal education. He was not a bright and intelligent student until 7th grade of his school. But, as everyone says turning point ushers in everyone’s life, which was similar in his case, which altered his life thoroughly. He later became an adamant reader and started paying heed on his studies. He built everything on his own. Very proudly, He is nominated amongst 35 young authors of India and has published in various digital websites. He opted to write on the Academic Genre which is often considered the toughest work but his competency made him to be Successful in it.


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He is now the Best- Selling author of three books named as Treasure of IELTS Academic Task 1 and Speaking (2020), Threshold Of Task 2 (2020) and Treasure of IELTS Academic: Masterpiece For IELTS Academic (2019).” 


Apart from this, he is also a great investor and asset creator, which has made him the self-made millionaire.


“Spend like a Beggar and Invest like a King.”  He always says.

He always shares his mantra for the success with the people “Isolate yourself and Work hard.”

 About the Books:


He was always good at writing. So, his writing journey started around 5 years ago. As an IELTS & PTE Trainer, the kind of response which he received from the students motivated him to publish 3 books.


  • Treasure Of IELTS Academic:This is the debut book of him, which later became the Best-seller in the market. This book has been primarily designed for providing effective content to the students thereby they could easily qualify their dream exam IELTS. In this book, students can find out effective vocabularies which help them in all modules as well as also provides a new style of Writing, Framing, Sentence Formation and various other things for the Task 2 of an IELTS Academic and General, which makes this book different from other IELTS books. Besides this, General Speaking Questions and Cue Cards are also available, which certainly assist students in a wider way. This book is unique in itself because students can easily grasp the valuable knowledge and experience of him. As every book needs marketing, but this book without any marketing has become an Amazon Best-Seller. It is available on all the online platforms. 

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  • This book holds a rating of 4.7 out of 5, which clearly elucidates its performance.
2.)          Treasure of IELTS Academic Task 1 and Speaking:  This book is another masterpiece by 
Kuldeep Sharma. It has been designed for providing effective content to the students for IELTS Academic
Task 1 as well as for the speaking module. In this book, students can find out a new style of Framings,
Sentence Formation for the Bar graph, Pie chart, Line graph, Table, Diagram and so on. Furthermore,
people can also find out a series of general speaking questions with answers along with cue cards, which
act as an instrument in their IELTS Academic preparation. He has tried his best to make Task 1 simple for
the students as well as tried to exhibit best for the students. This book is primarily made for student’s
development. This book has already proved a masterpiece for Task 1 and the Speaking module of IELTS
This Book Helps An Individual In Manifold Ways: 
  • To develop a new style of sentence formation because nowadays people mostly lack in sentence formation. 
  • To know about new verbs and keywords, this will make their writing extremely simple.
  • To easily cover the entire data of Task 1, because mostly people are not able to cover data. 
  • To easily speak general questions because many effective vocabularies have been given. 
  • To easily know about the framings of cue cards because many catchy words have been given for them.


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  • This book holds a rating of 5 out of 5, which clearly insinuates its performance.
  • Threshold Of Task 2:As the name only signifies, this book has a focus predominantly on Task 2 of the IELTS Academic Exam. The notable part of this is that it not only provides a unique style of writing sentences but also the plethora of effective vocabularies for Task 2. This book does complete justice with those people, who want to get the different flavor in their writing Task 2, as the content of this surely success for the IELTS aspirants.

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  • This book holds a rating of 5 out of 5, which clearly depicts its performance.

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