Tanvir Osman, New CEO of 1120 Distributing.

On Jan. 1 Tanvir Osman officially will be the new CEO of 1120 Distributing.  In today's Executive Interview, Mr.Osman brings us up to speed on his new plans for 1120 Distributing and gives us his thoughts on the state of the Automotive and Powersports industry and the distribution business today.  by Mark Schnider   On Jan.1, 2021 Tanvir Osman will officially become the CEO of 1120 Distributing.  He brings with him more than 6 years of experience in the aftermarket Industry with various roles with industry manufacturers and distributors.  Osman was voted into his position simultaneously with the Board Member Nizamur. Mr. Osman was CEO of Tarnz Distribution (2015-2016) and president of Only American Parts (2014).  He is the founder of companies like Onebike Avenue, Sport & outdoor and All Marine Wholesale.  In April of 2016 he became president of the new Customer Relations Management Group.  In late 2017, Mr.Osman acquired the companies: Tarn-z, Music  & Camera, and  resumed his work to grown the Brand value of 1120 Distributing.  In today's interview, Osman brings us up to speed with his plans for 1120's future and his thoughts on the state of the Automotive aftermarket industry today.

Tanvir Osman, New CEO of 1120 Distributing.

What has been going on at 1120 Distributing since you've been declared the New CEO ? 

"Well as always, the normal course of business has been keeping us occupied of course.  But besides that, we've been focusing on our infrastructure, dealer relations, vendor relations, media, technology, and growth. 
On the customer side of things, we're researching and analyzing multiple software’s to make sure we stay in tune with the rest of the market.  We recently strengthened our team at headquarters with some great additions, some really high -caliber additions that just started with us and they are making some big strategic moves for us.  They're also helping us with our growth, something that we've made top priority as a company and something we're analyzing from every angle possible."

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How did 1120 respond to the recent fall in the economy?

“You know there were issues that we had to respond to that affected both supply and demand.  As far as demand goes, there’s been so much uncertainty because people seemed to have pretty much frozen up in a lot of ways, but especially in terms of spending.  We were fortunate enough to have the type of customers that somehow had strength to draw from, but our dealers really knew what to do in each of their marketplaces.  This came in really handy.  And the supply side of things, a lot of manufacturers really trimmed back you know.  This obviously resulted in supply issues.  There were some fill-rate problems for a bit there, but I think the OE businesses suffered more than the aftermarket and we have a strong group that helped us turn a possible disaster into a very manageable situation.”
How are things looking now?
“Business has improved.  We are looking to expand in every way possible- add more warehouses in different states in particular and also spend our resources efficiently to grow the brand value of our vendors.  We'd like to see an even greater variety in our dealers as well as the products we sell.  We are always looking to explore new industries and we've really managed to get some strong feet planted in the Towing, RV, Motorcycle and Powersports industries.  “
What do you see for the future?
“We really just started getting into the Industrial market and we've really seen a lot of success and growth in that area considering our limited time with it.  I think it's a great sign of things to come and our niche is the cross-marketing strategy that we have mastered over the last couple years or so. I believe we'll be a major name in that industry as well as the ones you're used to hearing about us having success in.  We believe our distribution in the automotive aftermarket will remain stable with growth for the foreseeable future, in particular with our infrastructures like dealer friendly portals, catalogs and what not.

We will continue to see challenges though in the future - Don't get me wrong there.  We're starting to see a lot of international suppliers get involved in the U.S.  There's a lot of changes going around right now, and we see a lot of others struggling with these changes.  Given what we've been able to accomplish thus far and if you look at how we've achieved what we have, I don't think there's any reason to think we won't have success.  As for the exact path we choose to take, not even I can predict that.”(Asianewsera)