A social worker is someone who enters into the lives of people and tries his best to bring the best of them. He is not in the world to generate income for himself but ,he is here to generate an outcome and a positive outcome for others. It is not done with a motive of distributing favours, it should be done with a motive of bringing proper rights of the people to the table. If they cannot speak for themselves, you have to become their voice.

A social worker is a person who loses himself in the service of others but, as every human needs motivation and encouragement to drive themselves up in their journey, a social worker also needs little motivation. So, what can be a motivation for a social worker to make him feel high in the spirit.? Is it money or appreciation.?

No, these are not the things that will make a social worker feel motivated. These are merely the by-products. A social worker is solely motivated , when he sees people smiling with a sense of comfort in their eyes. A satisfaction in others gives a social worker that pleasure which no other things can.

Chiterved Yadav completely justifies these lines and is respectfully called as People's Man.


Chiterved believes that you can perform social work in various ways as per your convenience. Even, if you don't want to become a social worker or social reformer you can still donate something to this world because there are people who need you, who want to experience meaningful change in their life.

Social work is not just for people who are rich in power or money or both but for them, who really want to bring constructive changes in their surroundings.

 Social work is not the responsibility, it is simply a mere support that we should to those who are in need of it.  It will give you more of an internal happiness than external happiness. Chiterved Yadav urges you to be a cause, to be a reason for someone's happiness.

He is such a pure soul that he willingly donated his body after his demise to AIIMS ,Delhi so that it can be used to give someone a new life and also  working extremely hard to serve people who are deprived of the basic amenities. He has donated food and other necessary materials to people who are travelling far distances during this Covid-19 pandemic. When people were busy celebrating the pandemic, he was busy sharing his joys and aiding them up with all important things.

Currently, being the Fund Head of his mandal who is responsible for generating funds for Ram Mandir, he is also running a campaign named *"Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir Nidhi Samarpan Abhiyan"* for the same purpose to bring a new reform in our country.

Chiterved Yadav says,"I believe that every individual has an immense potential in them to contribute something good and positive to the society. This is not necessary that you should own a tag of a social worker. Even the smallest contribution to our society, to our people can bring a huge difference. Whatever you give to others, it will come back to you in an incredible way."